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Rajasthani Gatta Kadhi

Rajasthani dishes are always welcomed and liked by most of the Indians. It's flavour, it's spices are appetite enticing. Gatte kadhi is also a authentic and traditional Rajasthani cuisine.

It is gram flour and yogurt based dish which is tasty and delicious and spicy too. This can be served with roti naan aur plain rice in lunch or dinner.

This is easy to cook but time consuming as curd gravy is cooked on low flame for long time then best taste and flavour comes.

This gatte kadhi is my family favourite and once in a week, I sure cook it in lunch. You guys also try this recipe as this can be a good options for noon meal or holiday meal. What to cook .....this is always a great question in our day to day routine in front of we ladies. So this gatte ki sabji can be option in that case and change too from daily meal.

Below is the recipe here. Try this and give me your feed back.


Besan ( Cheakpeas flour): 1 cup
Curd : 1 cup
Tomato : 1 medium sized (roughly chopped)
Garlic: 2 big sized cloves
Garlic: 1 inches long piece.
Green chillies: 2
Ajwain:1 tsp
Heng (Asofetida): 1 tsp
Termeric powder: 1 tsp
Cumin seeds: 1tsp
Musterd seeds: 1tsp
Red Chilli powder: as per your taste.
Dry Red Chilli : 1 piece
Kadhi leaves : 4 -5 leaves
I used kadhi leaves powder
Coriander powder: 1 tsp
Salt : as per your taste
Oil: for frying
Water: 1 cup+ 2 cup for boiling

Method of Preparation:

First we make gatte.

Take besan or cheakpeas flour in a large bowl keeping 2 spoons apart for later use.
Put salt, ajwain seeds,red chilli powder,hing 1/2 tsp, one pinch termeric powder,1 tsp oil & 1 tsp curd.

Mix well all ingredients and knead like dough. There is curd which binds all ingredients together and make like dough. If still it is not getting binded, sprinkle 2 - 3 water and make dough.

Divide all dough into 3 - 4 balls. Take one ball of dough and make round shape using palm first then keep it on rolling board and make it cyclindrical  long. Don't make it too thin long cylindrical. Keep cylindrical diameter around 1 or 1.5 cm. Repeat same process with other dough balls.

Now take a deep utensils,put water into upto 3/4 of it. Heat it on high flame. When water starts boiling, keep all cylindrical shape dough into hot water. 

Boil it upto 5 mintues. Take it out from water now using strainer.

Now take a non stick kadahi or pan. Put 3 - 4 spoon oil and heat it on high flame. 
Meanwhile cut gatte log into small  pieces. In one log it will come 4 or 5 pieces.

Now when smoke starts coming from oil, do flame on medium and out all gatte in oil and fry it for just 2 mintues. 

No frying for more time, otherwise gatte become hard. Now gatte is ready.

Now it is time to make yoghurt  gravy..

Take a mixing bowl, put all curd in this. Add two spoons gram flour (besan). Whisk it and make a smooth paste and ensure no lumps should be there. Now add a glass of water in it and mix well. Keep it side for a while.

Now take a mixer grinder jar. Put roughly chopped 🍅 tomato in it. Add little water and grind it into a paste. 

Take it out in bowl. In same mixer grinder jar, take garlick ginger and green chillies and make coarse type paste. I generally grate the garlic and ginger and use like this.
Now take a deep kadahi, put  2 spoon oil in it. Heat it on high flame. When it is heated sufficiently, add cumin seeds and musterd seeds and let it cracked in oil. Now add ginger garlic chilli paste and saute it for seconds. 

Now add tomato paste and saute it for 5 minutes on high flame. 

Now add curd gram flour batter in it and mix well. Let it cook on medium flame.

Now add coriander powder, asofetida,  dry mango powder, Red Chilli powder, turmeric powder and mix it. I put kadhi leaves powder too which I prepared home

Cook it on low flame until thick and smooth consistency comes. It takes approx half an hour for such consistency to come on low flame.

Now add salt and cook for 5 minutes on low flame. Now add all gatte pieces in it add cook for more 5 minutes. 

Now it is cooked. Take it out in serving bowl.

Now it's time to tadka

For tadka, take a tadka pan. Put 2 spoon oil. Heat it. When it is sufficient heated and smoke starts coming then add cumin seeds, musterd seeds, dry long chilli, asofetida. 

Pour this tadka over gatte kadhi. Now ready for serve. Serve with smile.


  1. Don't add water while kneading gram flour for gatte. Curd is sufficient to bind it in dough. Still you need water, sprinkle water 2 - 3 drops and make dough.
  2. While deep frying gatte, only 30 seconds deep fried is sufficient. Don't fry it for long otherwise it will get hard.
  3. If you have Kadi patta powder then you can put it in while Cooking gravy. It enhances taste.
  4. Serve it after cooking 2 - 3 hours. It's taste come delicious after cooking of 2 - 3 hours.

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