Monday, 18 September 2017

Danish Eggless Cookies

This danish cookies is butter sugar cookies and simple to make at any occasion or festival. I have made these cookies several times. When ever I want to bake some cookies and no any new ideas in my mind for Cookies then I bake this crispy and buttery cookies.

Cookies made with butter and sugar sprinkled over it, gives a simply amazing and crunchy taste. Sprinkle simple white granulated sugar over cookies or colored granulated sugar enhance its look. I usually color the granulated sugar in 2 - 3 different colours and sprinkle over Cookies. If you wish to do the same then you can do color to granulated sugar otherwise you can use simple white granulated sugar.

Here below, in my recipe, I shown both type of sugar sprinkle over cookies.

In my recipe below, I used plastic icing syringe to give the shape of Cookies. You can use anything for Cookies shape for example Cookies cutter,icing syringe, piping bag or simply using hand and palm.

Recipe is simple as other cookies I have posted before but it demands little practice too to bake good Cookies.

Try this cookies recipe given below.


All-purpose flour - 1 cup
Unsalted butter - 2/3 cup
Icing sugar powder - 2/3 cup
Vanilla essence  - 1 tsp
Baking powder - 1 tsp
Salt - 1 pinch
Granulated sugar - 1 spoon
Milk - 1 tsp (Optional) (I didn't use)
Food Colours - Your choice (Optional)

Method of Preparation:

First take all dry ingredients ( All Purpose flour, baking powder, salt) in a mixing bowl and mix well. Keep it side.

Take an another bowl. Add butter in this. Add sugar and vanilla essence.

 Now beat it altogether on low speed with the help of electric beater. Approximately it will take 3 minutes to form a creamy texture.

Now add all dry ingredients mixture in this and fold it with the help of spoon or spatula and prepare a soft dough of it. 

if you re using icing syringe or plastic bag and if you feel that dough is not so sticky although soft then make dough little sticky by adding one spoon milk. This will give the easy flow of syringe and cookies shape will come out easily.  I didn't use milk as my dough was sticky. If you are using cutter or palms to make cookies shape then no need to make dough sticky.

line up a baking tray with parchment paper or silicon baking mat or simply you can use silver foil, if you have no parchment paper or silicon baking mat home.

Preheat the oven at 180 degree centigrade for 10 minutes.

For icing syringe, fill the dough in syringe and put the nozzle of your choice ad lock its tail.

Make desired shape of cookies over lined up baking tray keeping some distance between two cookies. 

if you want to make cookies round shape using palm, then take small ball sized dough between your both palms and make round shape of cookies moving palms in circular motion. Place it over lined baking tray.

if you use cutter, then take dough on board. Flat it using rolling pin with light hand. put the cutter on it and cut of your desired shape. Here I have not shown photo of cookies by cutter as I have not used cutter when I baked Danish Cookies for sharing on my blog. I just used icing syringe and palms to make cookies shape. 

Now your lined up baking tray is ready to bake. Sprinkle some white granulated sugar crystal over cookies.

If you want to make it little more attractive or colorful then take one small spoon granulated sugar crystal in a small bowl. Add any food grade color of your choice. Put only one drop of water in it and mix well. 

Keep this color sugar crystal bowl in sunlight or under fan for few minutes to get dry. Getting dry of sugar crystal is necessary to get good and amazing look of cookies. Similarly you can prepare 2 to 3 colors of sugar crystal of your choice like green, blue ,orange, red etc.  

Sprinkle these granulated sugar crystals over Cookies. 

Bake it at 180 degree centigrade for 12 to 15 minutes. Keep eyeing on every regular intervals. When it starts turning golden brown switch off oven. 

Keep baked cookies inside the oven for 5 to 7 minutes. After that keep Cookies side out of the oven or on cooling rack to get completely cool.

Keep it in air tight container and enjoy these cookies for long time. You can store it more than month in air tight container.

Danish butter cookies are basically served in paper liner muffin cups in a tin box in Denmark country. You can also do the same and gift to your guests and friends.


  • Butter should be at room temperature.
  • Mix dry ingredients well before adding in butter sugar mixture.
  • Add dry ingredients in butter sugar mixture in 2 to 3 batches instead of mixing one stance if you have just started learning cookies. 
  • Keep 2 - 3 spoon of milk handy while making dough.
  • Colouring sugar and sprinkle over cookies is optional and you can ignore these steps if you don't like. Simply sprinkle white granulated sugar.
  • Know your oven well before baking cookies.